Why Olive Matters

Did you know that New York City took the heart out of Olive by force of law to make the Ashokan Reservoir? Families moved upland to the rocky woodlots and are now forced to live without a town center. More and more ‘watershed’ restrictions have been heaped on Olive over the years and New York City is still grabbing land in Olive with no end in sight. However, that same law, ‘Eminent domain’, forces N.Y. City to pay taxes to Olive as part compensation for the town’s loss of tax base now underwater Due to an apparent misapplication of an optional property tax alternative in the infamous ‘Large Parcel Law’, both the Onteora School Board and Ulster County may opt to raid that same reservoir a full 55% of Olive’s tax base. It’s as if Olive’s corporate sovereignty never existed. That’s right somehow our neighboring towns have opted to supersede Home Rule, a State Law and Town contracts. The result of this year’s tax raid on Olive’s residents is a cruel 60% school and massive 91% property tax hike. The Large Parcel Law was never meant for tax stable reservoirs. This annual tax raiding limbo affects the very existence of Olive as we know it.

Are you upset enough to vote this year?

Are you willing to tell Olive’s neighboring towns, hands off? Are you concerned enough to wear a button in protest? Proclaim that land in Olive is an Olive matter. Does Olive’s Town sovereignty even matter? Next they will be raiding Shandaken’s largest parcel, the state land?

Yes, Olive matters.

Get to the poll and vote for the only three that will help stop this madness! Tuesday, May 17th from 2pm to 9pm, Bennett Elementary School


All button proceeds are used to defer button printing and distribution costs incurred by Gary Sadler, Shokan, N.Y.

The following are represent creations by some of our local residents.

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The following are two images created by local resident Gary Sadler,

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