Why Have Trucker Caps Become So Popular

For a hat never intended to embody an ounce of style, the trucker cap has certainly risen to prominence. Most people do not know that trucker hats originally provided rural companies a promotional item to give to their clients. The original hats were very plain. At most they displayed the company logo. Those that wore them were generally farmers and truck drivers. Today, however, these hats are worn by millions of people around the world, many of whom are celebrities or famous athletes. What is it that makes the trucker cap so popular?

First, and most basic, is simply that these hats are low maintenance. Feel free to beat them up. They have a rugged mesh back, a foam front, and a stiff bill. It really is a perfect fashion accessory for today’s fast paced life. It does not need to be hung up or rested on a stand to preserve it’s shape. Throw it in the closet or on the back of the couch and forget about it. These hats allow you to go about your business giving little to no thought about maintenance. It’s ruggedness provides it’s convenience.

Another contributing factor is the fact that trucker hats come in just about every color and color combination imaginable. This makes finding one (or more) you like extremely easy. Select a cap based on your favorite color or choose one to match your outfit. It really does not matter what the selection criteria is as there is guaranteed to be a hat to match. Just don’t expect to find one for a formal situation unless you are a movie star. In addition to the multitude of colors available it should be noted that camouflage hats are an option and they also come in colors such as pink and purple.

Finally, and most significant, is that trucker caps are highly customizable. This is important because individual identity plays a major role in our society. Artists such as Ed Hardy and the people at Miami Ink have created trucker hats decorated with tattoo designs.

The artwork displayed is finely detailed and can cover the entire bill and front. Another unique example trucker hat customization uses comics as the main design. This is not just an image of the primary super hero, but the hat actually shows the comic book itself as though a page were laid directly on the hat. The ability to customize allows an individual to share themselves with the rest of their environment. In essence, the trucker cap speaks to who a person is.

The story really is unique, almost a rags to riches story. A rigid and rather simple hat has come a long way and now holds status as a major fashion accessory. It’s ability to be customized will likely ensure that it will remain very popular for some time to come. Like it or hate it, get used to the trucker cap because chances are you will see it frequently.

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