US MOLLE Backpacks

The MOLLE, or MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment is a backpack which was developed by the military for its soldiers. You would think that the military would come up with something really well built and useful for its personnel. Soldiers certainly need to carry a lot of items and have them in useful places where they can be retrieved easily. Then again, when has the military ever done anything right?

The MOLLE is an external frame backpack with numerous pockets in various locations on the pack. Not only does the backpack have many different pockets that are readily accessible, but it also has straps that are designed to carry other larger items. This type of backpack was created to allow a soldier to survive for up to three days. Its design also allows for the proper distribution of weight.

The backpack was created with a nylon coated with urethane. It also has a plastic transparent part of the pack that allows for easy identification.

The backpack only received a three star rating by civilians who have used it for their personal use. Many of the civilian reviews were somewhat positive while others had nothing good to say about it.

The positive statements said that the backpack worked well for them in what they wanted to use it for. The multiple heavyweight pockets allowed them to carry all the items they needed for a hunting or backpacking expedition. One suggestion was to replace the external frame with an Eagle Industries/Down East frame which is lighter weight and more versatile. Other negative reviews said that the backpack was not worth anything. They stated that it was too heavy and not built well.

One soldier which reviewed the MOLLE backpack stated that the frame was not sturdy enough. He said that after a few hikes within rugged terrain, the soldiers were breaking the frame. It simply was not sturdy enough to survive the abuse that it had to go through. He also stated that the amount of straps provided was a complete disadvantage. He said that when he tried to reach for his ammunition that he always encountered one of the many straps.

During the expedition, he did not find any efficient method of dealing with the straps. This soldier preferred the ALICE pack.

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