The Use Of Medical Grade Computers

The invention of computers has brought upon the revolution of information technology. Like other areas of science medical science has ample uses that it imbibes from computers. Medical computers are ruggedly used in various medical and health care institutions. A place where every risk and threat counts, computers are a must go option. In this 21st fast tracked technical century. Every stack and pile of register has been effectively replaced by an array of data saving entity. Starting from every open heart surgery to intrinsic complicated surgery to x-rays to various medical tests, health care computers have worth fully shown their efficiency. Hospital and health care institutions which are attached to computer system bubble out enormous bulk of information regarding patients, medications, prescriptions, various ailments, billing details, etc. Such database is called as Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR), which are saved in medical computers, which remains close at hand during alerts and emergencies. It can be a simple blood test or a complex CT scan, in both cases the question of high precision exists which can only be achieved through health care computers.

Hospital computer extensive usage is seen in the medical areas of scanning and testing as in ultrasound and MRI. Hospital works and duties needs to be accelerated and accurately done. These drastic changes in medical requirements have forced the computer to fall back in pieces. Hospital computers greatly help in the enhancement of the data entry of patients’ medical history. Computers in hospitals have fast tracked the increase of the meticulousness of medical bills and diagnostics. The wide computerization has influenced the automated update of medical history. Instant alert to doctors through pagers are effectively managed through these computerized automated system. Computers in astute situation such as emergency, ICCU, NICU and intensive care are extensively used for hemodynamic and critical sign monitoring, computation of physiological exponents. It is useful to make a hospital’s environment a stress free one by making the nurses a freebee from the technical role, thus centering more focus on the patients’ well-being.

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