The Role of a Web Designer In A Website Designing Company

It would be wrong to equate the functions of a web designer with that of a computer programmer. As the former should possess a working knowledge of different programming languages, a thorough specialization is not always necessary. There are many web design professionals who work as web programmers, meaning that they not only decide how the page appears but also get their designs implemented through skilled programming. This infuses their role with the dual identity of an artist and a computer expert.

One of the most vital tasks that a web designer performs is to determine the creative design of the page. This is usually done by working in collaboration with clients who convey their requirements to the professional. Designers are experts at handling graphics software such as Photoshop®. Moreover, it is essential for every web designer to make the page look as attractive as it is possible for him to by adding video or animated clips and sound effects- a function that requires thorough experience working with a myriad of media programs.

In all, his prime goal remains to build pages fulfilling certain designs, bearing a catchy graphic set and infused with detailing. If the client so demands, the specialists may even write the page contents. However, in a majority of the cases their role in this specific area is restricted to editing the program contents provided by the clients.

The job responsibilities of a web designer and that of a programmer are not very different from one another. It is the job of a programmer to implement designs through HTML or XTML programming.

His other functions include adding specialized features such as shopping cart software, maintenance of the pre-existing pages and inclusion of fresh data. Now this is something that even a designer with some programming talent can accomplish quiet effortlessly. As a matter of fact, you can find multi tasking professionals who provide both programming and designing services. Otherwise, designers are supposed to operate as graphic specialists, getting the customer’s requirements integrated into beautifully rendered web pages that make for easy viewing.

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