Sewing Machine Repair Tips

As it is important to know the basics when it comes to sewing, it goes the same with machine care and repair. Sewing machines are delicate pieces of equipment. It needs maintenance and requires a keen eye for any parts that threatens to be damaged. As an owner, it is a responsibility to know the basic sewing machine repair tricks and check the vital parts after continued usage.

Here are some basic sewing machine repair tips that can help:

1. If you notice that your machine is not running smoothly or if it seems to be “sewing itself” with all the threads entangled all over, you may want to check the needles. Regular needles actually need replacement after continuous usage especially embroidery needles. When these needles get worn out and bended, the results will obviously be not good!

2. The metal parts that gets all rusty needs to be replaced right away. If it’s just covered with dirt, get a brush (or a used toothbrush perhaps) to clean off the debris. Don’t forget to use a sewing machine lubricant to coat the cleaned metal part.

Sewing machine repair is mostly all about cleaning! Here are some helpful tips that will teach you how to do it:

1. Using a screw driver, detach the handwheel covers and place it in clean area.

2. Remove the bobbin covers and place it together with the screws on top of a clean cloth or container where you can easily see it; otherwise you’ll go looking for it all over your place later!

3. Clean all the openings of the sewing machine with a brush and a vacuum to remove locked in dirt. If there are threads entangled inside, go get a tweezer and gently pull the thread out.

4. Use a toothpick to clean the gears. Use the tip of the toothpick to remove the stocked grime and use the vacuum to clean off the debris.

5. Apply sewing machine oil to all moving parts.

6. Reinstall the machine covers carefully.

These basic sewing machine repair tips can be really helpful for minor cases. But if the machine condition still won’t improve after performing the suggested actions, call a local repairman right away.

Look for a repair center that caters especially to the brand of the sewing machine you use. If you don’t like the idea or if the repair center is just too far away from your area, you may browse the internet for more information.

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