Rolling Computer Backpacks – The Best of Both Worlds

Before we look at why rolling computer backpacks offer the best of both worlds I first need to qualify under which circumstances are rolling computer backpack would be beneficial to the user. If you operate under circumstances that mean you are always moving from one place to another on foot then this type of bag would be useful to you because you can take the strain that would otherwise be placed on your shoulders off and roll your bag on the floor like a regular suitcase.

If however you don’t spend a lot of time travelling on foot this type of bag may not be useful to you because you won’t have your back on your back for prolonged periods of time. This means that the bag will not be fit for the purpose that you need it for.

With that said the rolling computer backpack, otherwise known as a wheeled backpack, offers the best of both worlds because of the following.

It provides the protection to your machine as it has a separate pod made of shock absorbent material that your laptop will snugly fit into, it also was a number of compartments in which you can organise all your other IT related equipment and other office stationery such as pens, pencils, mouse mats etc.

It will also have shock absorbent strapping systems in place that mean that when the bag is full and heavy it will not place too much stress and your shoulders and the material will not dig in to your skin. The strapping system will also have an airflow built into the space between your back and the back of the backpack in order to minimise the amount of sweat and heat is generated from carrying your backpack for a prolonged period of time.

If you do carry your bags for a prolonged period of time you can switch from carrying it on your back by retracting the handle from the spine of the backpack and wheeling it along the floor using the four or two wheels that are built into the base of the backpack. This means that you can you also use it like a general suitcase and quickly accommodate and adapt to flat surfaces and stairs accordingly.

Finally roller computer backpacks are small enough to place in overhead lockers on aircraft which means you do not have to put your bag through luggage control and you can make a quick departure when leaving the aircraft and going through passport control without having to wait for your bag on the dreaded luggage carousel.

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