Review of Foundational Vision for Fathers and Daughters, True Beauty #1

To set the foundation for the Father-daughter retreat Geoff Botkin and Scott Brown briefly share their vision for relationships between fathers and daughters. They discuss the part they hope to play in reforming the father-daughter relationship for those who will take to heart the message that they have to share at this conference.

The highlight of the first disc in the “True Beauty” series is the harp performances presented by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin. The music is an emphatic example of true beauty.

Finally Doug Phillips presents the opening message for the conference. He talks about time, butterflies, and the potential of little girls. Doug walks you through the generations of the butterfly to illustrate the power of fathers taking a generational view toward their relationships with their daughters.

It is intriguing how Mr. Phillips weaves the short life span of the first three generations of the butterfly into a metaphor of the Biblical view of setting in motion the influence of a father on his daughter to affect the third and fourth generation. A father who prepares his daughter for her God-given responsibilities for her family maintains his family’s influence for the Kingdom of God for at least two hundred years.

True beauty is found in a father clutching his God-given responsibility toward his daughter and in a father receiving Godly respect from his daughter. As each fulfill their role before God the culture is propelled toward true beauty. Men often think they must do something big that is noticed by everyone in order to change the world. “True Beauty” will show you that by operating in your God-given authority you, like the first generation of butterflies, can accomplish true beauty for the culture beyond your years.

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