Recycle Computers for Cash – It’s the Best Option Available

Computer recycling is important. In this highly technology-driven society, it becomes necessary to dispose the old, unused computer scrap in a safe and secured manner. According to EPA, proper recycling helps in reducing much of the landfill usage and incineration. It also decreases high amount of greenhouse gas emission, prevents pollution, conserves natural resources, saves energy, and helps in keeping the environment clean and green for future generations.

Throwing away the old, unused computer item is not the right option. Computer products contain certain materials and chemicals that are considered highly harmful for the environment. Henceforth, these items need to be disposed very carefully.  Recycling old computer product is the best option to protect the environment and people residing nearby. Simply recycle computers for cash. It can be a great option to earn some easy money and at the same time, get rid of the trash. Sell used computers through online selling sites. In fact, there are sites where one can sell computer parts for cash! However, before selling used computers, it is necessary to destroy the data and information present inside the hard drive. The right process is listed down below:

Step 1: Take proper backup of the files. An external hard disc or flash drive can be effective enough to take total backup of the data present in the hard disc.

Step 2: Simply delete all the personal information in the hard drive. Format it properly. If possible, destroy the hard drive as it prevents others from accessing the data.

Step 3: Shut the computer down. Before this step, close all the programs. If possible, total hard disc formatting can be a better option. Then, shut down the computer, and unplug it. Don’t use wet hands during the process as it can lead to static shock.

Step 4: Disconnect the hard disc from computer CPU.

Step 5: Take out the connector breaks (simply pull them).

Step 6: Slowly remove the hard disc. Remove the screws properly to dislodge it.

Step 7: If there is any intention of destroying the hard disc, then simply smash it hard on the ground.

Computer parts can be sold separately too. The parts that can be sold at good price include motherboard, SIMS, RAM, bonding wires, transistors, gold fingers, and electroplating. The remaining parts can be sold to the scrap collecting agencies for very nominal price. Mostly, these scrap collecting agencies pay for the silver, copper, and gold metal content in the computer trash.

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