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Oliveonline is sponsored as a community service by Creative Spirit Gift and Craft Shop in Olivebridge. The Town of Olive offers some of the most beautiful scenery of the Catskills. It’s rolling hills, mountain streams and country hospitality make it a beautiful place with a warm personality. The intent of Oliveonline is to create an information forum for both the residents and visitors of Olive. Listing the many diverse businesses within the town is an attempt to heighten everyone’s awareness of what’s available in the town. This site, like the Town, will continue to grow and expand to meet the needs of the community. If you know of a business that we missed, please let us know. Those of you who have visited the site before, will notice some of the changes we’ve made. We’ve added an index for business resources that will expand. The intent here is to provide businesses in the town with a listing of resources on the web to help start, manage, and sustain your business. The community page has expanded and will continue to expand as we add links for children and teens. Keep coming back, we’re only getting started… We’ve added a new photo gallery section. Check out some of the photos. 

    While here on your visit, take a moment to check out the recent news on The Olive and Hurley Old School Baptist Meeting House” Some photo’s and news about the ongoing restoration project to preserve this piece of history in our area and what can be done to help out. Click here to visit.

      It’s the hope of everyone involved with this venture that you will find your cyber visit to this site a pleasant and informative one.

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