Mens Polo Shirts Are Versatile and Stylish

Mens polo shirts are knitted pullover shirts with long or short sleeves, a short button placket and ribbed collar. Its origin is generally attributed to the shirts worn by British polo players in the 1800s. While mens polo shirts have long been a staple for tennis or golf, and routinely worn for the casual day at the office or to the country club, they are also convenient attire for sporting events, casual social events, gatherings at home, or simply for working around the yard. This style of shirt has truly become a classic.

Nearly impossible to beat in the typical male wardrobe for sheer usefulness and flexibility, the mens polo shirt is sold by retailers everywhere, including those found on the internet. They are offered in a seemingly endless variety of colors and fabrics, with long sleeves or short, with or without embroidery and/or monogram, and at prices from bargain to designer.

When shopping for a mens polo the fabric type is probably the most important feature. If the desired use is for “light formal” or “office casual” the smoother knits display the most finished appearance. These will usually be made of fine-knit cotton, pima cotton, Egyptian cotton, or a silk blend that may contain cotton and polyester. When buying a cotton shirt look to see if it has been preshrunk.

The sport version of these shirts tend to be largely nylon (though they may also be cotton) and incorporate stretch, moisture-wicking ability (for drying), and resistance to stains and water. The nylon fabrics also resist wrinkles and require less care. Some are lighter or heavier, so choose with the sport or climate in mind.

A little time spent learning to select the right style of mens polo shirts for the occasion is a good idea. Many catalogs give a very good description of the various fabrics, and there is a plethora of information available on the internet. No matter what choice is made, these shirts provide stylish and dependable good looks.
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