How To Pair Your Bamboo Shoes and Boots For Every Occasion

For this winter, bamboo brand has put out one of the best line of boots that has been seen in a long time. Some are casual, others a little more formal. You will want to wear them all the time, so here is a few ideas on what to pair them with.

You’ll notice that many of the bamboo boots this year are just asking to be put over a pair of skinny jeans.They have some embellishments, like crinkling and way too many buckles that look like they need to be displayed. Just don’t try to stuff your regular jeans into these boots. As you walk, they will puff out and it won’t be attractive.

A mini skirt can go with a wide variety of boots. For the most sensual look you can imagine, you can go for a pair of thigh highs with your mini red plaid skirt. For a more subtle look, try one of the knee highs. I wouldn’t bother with an ankle high boot, since it cuts your leg at a funny place, but the heeled booties would work well.

Along with the skinny jeans are leggings. Legging look great under all boots, from ankle height on up. If you aren’t generally comfortable in leggings, wearing them with boots and a larger top will take all of the attention off of your legs. If you are comfortable with leggings, you can have a lot of fun with look however you want with whatever bamboo shoe boot you want.

For work, go with a pencil skirt with knee high boots. For those who don’t like their legs, this is a great way to suggest leg without showing much of it. If your legs are super skinny, you can go for this look with an ankle boot as well. This may be the best way to wear bamboo boots to work.

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