Flapper Girl Costume Ideas for Halloween

If you have ever been invited to a Halloween party where you are required to dress in a costume then you know how difficult it is to find the perfect look. Even though there are literally thousands of options to choose from nothing ever seems right. It is important that you select an outfit that is popular, yet obscure enough so that no one else ends up wearing your costume.

If you are looking for a fun and flirty Halloween costume that is always rather unique why not consider dressing in a flapper girl costume.

Flapper girls came into the conscience of the American people sometime during the early part of the 1920s. Tired on the societal norms applied to their every move, flapper girls decided that they wanted something different; something better than what their mothers experienced. These rebellious young women were characterized by their non-conformist attitudes and sexy flapper style dresses.

Prohibition was in full swing yet flapper girls were partying like there was no tomorrow. These free-spirited women liked to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, and dance to the jazz music. Sleazy nightclubs, called speakeasies, quickly became the hangout spot of choice.

The typical flapper dress costume had an almost mannish appearance. Common characteristics of these popular dresses include having a square, almost shapeless look stemming from a classic drop waist. Multiple layers of fringe and tons of shiny sequins were also heavily implemented into this design.

In addition, flapper girls loved to add a few inexpensive costume accessories to help pull together their overall look. Large black feathered boas and long beaded necklaces were often used to help tie the whole look together. Most flappers cut their hair in short bobs but those that elected not to often wore blond or black wigs.

For the most part, flapper girls just wanted to live life and have a great time. Celebrate Halloween in style by dressing in a fun and flirty flapper girl costume for Halloween.

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