Care Tips for Compression Garments

Many of you are familiar with the continual aches and pains that result from an impaired level of blood circulation in the lower limbs; when you wear circulation hosiery, you are taking an important step toward easing the pains that normally come with the condition. The care of compression hosiery, however, requires extra attention in addition to the regular care that you may associate with maintaining regular socks. You won’t have any problems taking care of your compression socks as long as you take the time to keep a few guidelines in mind.

Be sure that you read over any washing or care instructions that may have been provided by the manufacturer before you actually start washing your socks. Taking care of compression hosiery varies a bit depending on which manufacturer you chose, so reading over the instructions is a great way to ensure that you are not making any mistakes. In order to ensure that you have no problems, you need to know about these requirements ahead of time.

The washing of compression socks can be accomplished in a few different ways. Sometimes you will be able to use the delicates cycle of the washing machine, but otherwise you are going to have to wash them by hand. These socks are best washed by using a bit of a mild laundry detergent with warm water and the attention of hand washing. Being very gentle while you are washing them will help keep you from stretching them out too much. They can get stretched out more easily when they are warm.

Still, nothing lasts forever, and all compression tights are going to wear out eventually. That means that the full benefit of wearing compression socks on a regular basis can only be attained if you are careful enough to replace worn out socks with new ones when they stop providing you with the full level of compression. There is nothing that you can do, since regular use is going to be enough to cause the elastic that winds around in the socks to slowly stretch out over time and not be able to provide that same level of compression.

The general guideline for the replacement of compression hosiery is that it should be replaced after about three months or so for good health. You know that it is time to get a new pair of compression stockings when it is no longer a struggle to put them on.

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