Around the stables ? The benefits of a good pair of Muck boots

Mucking out in the colder weather can be an unpleasant experience if you don’t have the right footwear. Simply wearing your normal wellies is unlikely to work. With more rain, colder temperatures your lighter boots may crack. Investing in Muck Boots or waterproof safety boots will make it much simpler to muck out and keep you warm and dry.

As the temperature drops Muck boots have an insulating layer which helps to keep your feet and calves warm as the hard work begins. It’s vital that you can muck out and protect your feet from plunging temperatures. As the rain pours a good muck boot is designed to give you better grip and prevent slipping. Moving your horses from stables to the paddock can be a challenge in the wet and mud and the right footwear will minimize accidents and injury.

Muck boots have been designed by riders who understand the challenges faced by riders in the wet and cold weather. It’s vital to use different rubber material which is more hardwearing and less likely to crack in colder temperatures. This special rubber is also more waterproof and capable of repelling rain and mud. They are also very easy to wash and keep clean once you are back in the tack room.

Protecting your feet is vital as conditions get more challenging and muck boots often have reinforced toe areas so that if your horse steps back you don’t break your toes. Opting for a muck is the sensible way to keep your feet dry, warm and protecting during mucking out.

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