An Introduction to the Tassimo Coffee Maker

A cup of coffee is such an important part of your day most especially in the morning. With a Tassimo coffee maker, you can have a perfectly brewed cup of coffee without getting in to the trouble so much brewing preparations and the mess you have to clean up after every brew.

The Tassimo brewer is one among the many single serve coffee brewers. This type of brewers is becoming a trend since brewing is made more convenient and faster with the use of coffee pods. But the Tassimo brewer stands out among these very convenient brewer because of its unique brewing methods and its special coffee pods called the Tassimo discs or T discs.

Brewing is only made possible in this unique brewer with the use of its Tassimo T discs. The T disc contain pre measured amount of ground coffee beans enough for a single serve. The T disc can also contain pre measured amount of the necessary ingredients to be able to brew hot cocoa, tea, cappuccino or latte. With just one coffee brewer, you will be able to prepare different drinks more easily with this revolutionary brewer.

Tassimo is using a bar code system for brewing so that you get only a perfectly brewed cup of drink. Printed at the label of the t disc is a bar code that is used as identification for the drink that it contains.

The brewing machine scans and reads the bar code and then adjusts the brewing time, amount of water and water temperature to make a perfect brew. Each drink is prepared differently and with this bar code brewing method, the Tassimo brewer is able to adjust its brewing method according to whatever drink that you want to prepare. In addition, since everything that you will need is already sealed inside the T discs, you will not have to clean up any mess after brewing.

As the winter season is approaching, keep yourself warm with hot beverages with a Tassimo brewer. you can enjoy as much cups of the drink that you want any time with this brewer.

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