A Brief History of Manual and Electric Typewriters

Typewriters are devices used for typing drafts and correspondences.  However, their importance dried out with the introduction of computers. Computers offer much faster and better typing options. But, this does not make the value of manual typewriters any less. They had a great importance in that particular era when computer was not invented. In fact, their use can be still seen (although in lesser number) within court premises.

Before the introduction of manual typewriters, drafts, letters, and other correspondences were handwritten by people. At times, it was quite difficult deciphering handwriting of individual due to illegitimate writing styles. With the evolution of manual typewriters, creating drafts and letters became easier..

It was early part of 18th century when the first typewriting device was introduced. However, it was not the exact typewriter but a very similar one. Then, in mid 19th century, the first actual typewriter was invented. The introduction of this device came as a huge boon to office goers and all those people who used to carry out a lot of writing related jobs. And with the fall of 20th century, most of the bigger offices featured these devices for their employees. Although the early devices used to be huge and bulky in design but soon afterwards, much slimmer versions were introduced. In the early part of 20th century, electric typewriters were launched in market. With the introduction of these devices, typewriting became easier. These devices were relatively fast, silent, and jam-free. This type of a typewriting device was hugely popular during the 70s as well 80s era. Some of the most popular manufacturers of such devices include Smith-Corona, Canon, Brother, and Philips.


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